Ghodawat Consumer Products Launches “STAR Rice Bran Oil”

Ghodawat Consumer Products LLP (GCPL), recently launched a high-quality edible oil product to support the growing need for a healthy and nutritious oil in the market. 

Under its popular brand name “STAR”, GCPL launched “STAR Rice Bran Oil” in June 2020.

It is made by extracting the hard-outer brown layer of rice called chaff (rice husk) and processed at a temperature of 232 °C (450 °F) in a highly modernized and clean manufacturing environment. This oil not just holds the promise to add aromatic flavour to your dishes but also presents enormous health benefits to its consumers.

“STAR Rice Bran Oil” contains MUFA and Omega-6 that helps reduce the probability of heart disease. It carries Oryzanol that boosts cognitive performance and helps reduce cholesterol. Moreover, it is loaded with Vitamin A that improves immunity, Vitamin D that improves bones & muscle conditions and Vitamin E that helps repair damaged cells,” said Shrenik Ghodawat – MD GCPL

Due to its widespread health benefits, Rice Bran Oil is very popular across the world. In fact, many renowned global health organizations like The American Heart Association and The World Health Organization (WHO), recommend the use of Rice Bran Oil as it is an effective choice to keep cholesterol under control.

GCPL’s state-of-the-art Edible Oil Unit at Kolhapur, Maharashtra is a highly supervised, advanced and has a hygienic production environment. Its manufacturing plant is FSSC 22000 certified and produces many other edible oils like Soybean, Sunflower, Cottonseed, Filtered Coconut and Palmolein Oil, which are very popular among millions of households in various parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa. 

“Star Rice Bran Oil” is a tested product that is approved by many reputed food regulatory agencies like FSSAI and is recognized for its unmatched quality and health benefits. It is available in 1L, 2L, and 5L SKU’s. Customers can buy this product from many platforms. It is available in standalone shops, supermarkets like DMart, Reliance Market and even on e-commerce platforms like Amazon & Flipkart. 

Apart from Edible Oils, GCPL is also popular for its various other food products like Atta, Rice, Fruit Drinks (Frustar), Carbonated Drinks (Fizzinga & Blaster), Mineral Water, Snacks and Namkeens, Sugar, Jaggery, Salt and much more.