Corporate Social Responsibility

Healthcare Initiatives

Smt. Sushila Danchand Ghodawat Charitable Trust provides social, medical and educational help to those who most need it. The ‘no profit, no loss’ Acharya Shri Tulsi Blood Bank has been rated among the best three blood banks in India due to the sheer quality of equipment, infrastructure, and care.

The Khivraj Ghodawat Charitable Trust setting up an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Jaysingpur by donating medical supplies. Sanjay Ghodawat’s philanthropic leanings have rubbed off on the entire organization. With an unwavering commitment to society, the Group has to its credit some ground-breaking initiatives including the donation of operation theatres, community halls, school buildings for the blind, etc. During the calamitous 2019 Kolhapur floods, we provided shelter, food, medical, transportation, & other vital facilities to thousands of helpless citizens.

The SG Foundation also had set up 10 bio-toilets in the rural villages around Kolhapur, 6 in Kondigre Village and 4 in Danoli Village, and distributed Swastha Sanitization Spray in nearby localities as well. It is reducing the number of microorganisms that are on a properly cleaned surface to a 99.99% safe level. Type of antimicrobial that kills or irreversibly deactivates at least 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi, and viruses present on any given surface or environment.