Water Harvesting


Water is a natural resource which is one of the most essential needs for human survival. Studies suggest that people are facing an acute shortage of water supply in many parts of the world and if we do not take necessary measures in time then the situation will become much severe with time. Water Harvesting is thus proved to be a game-changer to tackle this problem. We at SGG are successfully running various Rainwater Harvesting projects, to show the world what one can achieve if we implement it on a wider scale.

It is an extremely cost-effective method to preserve water, with the added benefit of reducing water consumption and bills. We store raindrops that are sprinkled from the skies and store it for further use rather than allowing to just run-off. Later we process this saved water into our treatment plant and use it for various purposes like cleaning, gardening, etc., which ultimately help save the water that we get from local corporations and own borewells. The remaining water is used to recharge groundwater again.