Ghodawat Agro’s Products Entered European Supermarket with A Bang

Ghodawat Agro, one of the most prominent Horticulture & Floriculture companies in India known for producing a wide range of effective herbs, vegetables and flowers recently earned one rare distinction. Two of its products – Basil and Rosemary have passed the quality check and get the permit to trade in Germany’s top supermarket chain – REWE Supermarket. Ghodawat Agro is the first Indian company that is going to sell these two vital herbs in Europe’s one of the most cherished markets i.e. REWE Supermarket.

Basil, a culinary herb that is used for food seasoning and also in making health supplements is in higher demand in Europe, especially Germany. Rosemary, another herb that is popular due to its effective medicinal properties that help treat muscle pain, boost memory, enhance the immune system, and promote better hair growth, also in a popular demand across Germany.

On achieving this feat, Sanjay Ghodawat Ji, our honourable chairman says, “Ghodawat Agro firstly earned the distinction of being the biggest floriculture company under greenhouses in entire India and now we have become the first Indian company to successfully pass all quality checks to sell our herbs in one of the most advanced and admired supermarket chains in Germany. Truly a remarkable feat. Congratulations to everyone. I hope we will expand selling our products in other regions and supermarkets as well”.

REWE is a supermarket chain of REWE Group, a listed organization in the retail and tourism business in Europe. REWE Supermarket has more than 15,000 stores worldwide where it sells the highest-quality products in different ranges.