SGF Distributes 1.5 Lakhs+ Meals During the Lockdown

COVID-19 crisis has developed many unprecedented scenarios across the world. Lockdowns, curfews, economic turmoil, lay-off, pay cut, mass migration, etc., are affecting the masses at large. In this crisis, everyone is suffering but the one section of the society which is suffering the most are the homeless citizens, people live in slums, and daily wage workers.

These people are not only fighting their battle against COVID-19 pandemic but also against the growing hunger, which is making them vulnerable. To help such needy people in these unprecedented challenging times, once again Sanjay Ghodawat Foundation (SGF) has come forward to rescue humanity. It is providing free food to the needy at large scale.

SGF has set up three community kitchens in the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra, where it is providing free and nutritious food to approximately 2100 needy people daily. One of the officials associated with SGF says: “We will continue to do so till 3rd May 2020, the time till the lockdown remains so that no poor person can suffer due to hunger in this crisis.” These kitchens’ whole setup, raw materials, chefs, helpers, and volunteers are managed & funded by SGF completely.

The foundation is managing one community kitchen in Ahmedabad city as well and has fed more than 40,000 needy people till date. It is planning to start many other kitchens in Belagavi and Hubballi regions of Karnataka to extend its humanitarian outreach.

Noted philanthropist Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat, who runs this foundation revealed: “We are not responsible for the origination of this virus but as a human being we are responsible for everything whatever happens later. Our humanitarian assistance, voluntary support, and noble endeavor can help manage this crisis better. Therefore, come forward and contribute whatever you can so that we can not only save precious lives in our country but also humanity at large.”

“Humanity is the greatest religion and we practice it quite religiously. Our foundation is working tirelessly and proactively to feed the needy people in many parts of India. To continue on this endeavor, we have planned to feed close to 150,000 people by 3rd May 2020,” said Mr. Shrenik Ghodawat, MD – Sanjay Ghodawat Group.

Sanjay Ghodawat Foundation is working closely with the United First organization, an NGO managed by Mr. Sajan Shah to implement these noble endeavors on the ground.

Earlier, SGF had also distributed medical kits and sanitization sprays in several villages of Kolhapur district to help people fight against this contagious virus at free of cost. Mass sanitization work was also executed in several villages that come under the Shirol, and Hatkanangale talukas in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra to limit the expansion of COVID-19 with the voluntary help of foundation’s workers.